Cross-Domain AJAX plugin = JSONP + External Proxy YQL

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Subject: Cross-Domain AJAX plugin = JSONP +...
Summary:Cross-Domain AJAX plugin = JSONP + External Proxy YQL
Author:Daniel Ortiz Esquivel
Date:2012-08-09 09:37:21

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Picture of Daniel Ortiz Esquivel Daniel Ortiz Esquivel - 2012-08-09 09:37:21
Hi, good article! but I would like to add that using Cross-Domain AJAX plugin your application will depend in and external service (Yahoo YQL).

It maybe add an extra delay. (Yahoo servers)
If the server fails, your application fails too.

Basically, Cross-Domain AJAX is as JSONP request through an external proxy (Yahoo YQL)that parse the result of your request.

More Infot:

Thanks for the article.