File: demos/startbootstrap-sb-admin-2/bower_components/datatables-responsive/examples/child-rows/column-control.xml

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File: demos/startbootstrap-sb-admin-2/bower_components/datatables-responsive/examples/child-rows/column-control.xml
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <dt-example table-type="html-details" table-class="display nowrap" order="2"> <css lib="datatables responsive" /> <js lib="jquery datatables responsive"> <![CDATA[ $(document).ready(function() { $('#example').DataTable( { responsive: { details: { type: 'column' } }, columnDefs: [ { className: 'control', orderable: false, targets: 0 } ], order: [ 1, 'asc' ] } ); } ); ]]> </js> <title lib="Responsive">Column controlled child rows</title> <info><![CDATA[ Responsive has two built in methods for displaying the controlling element of the child rows; `inline` which is the default option and shows the control in the first column, and `column` which set a _control column_ as the control. The control column is shown only when there is some other column hidden, and is dedicated only to the show / hide control for the rows. This example shows the `r-init responsive.details.type` option set to `column` to activate the control column. Note that by default the first column is used as the control, so additionally in the initialisation the `dt-init order` and `dt-init columns.orderable` options are used to disable sorting on this column. ]]></info> </dt-example>