File: demos/startbootstrap-sb-admin-2/bower_components/datatables-plugins/api/fnGetTd.js

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File: demos/startbootstrap-sb-admin-2/bower_components/datatables-plugins/api/fnGetTd.js
Role: Example script
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Description: Example script
Class: Blapy
jQuery plugin to load linked pages using AJAX
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/** * Get a `dt-tag td` node from a row, taking into account column visibility. * While getting a `dt-tag td` node is easy when it is visible on the page by * using normal DOM methods, jQuery or whatever, it becomes a lot more * complicated when taking into account hidden rows and columns. This function * can be used to overcome these difficulties. * * DataTables 1.10+'s new API provides the `dt-api cell()` and `dt-api cells()` * methods which are preferable for use over this method. As such this method is * marked deprecated, but is available for use with legacy version of * DataTables. Please use the new API if you are used DataTables 1.10 or newer. * * @name fnGetTd * @summary Get the `dt-tag td` element for a cell. * @author [Allan Jardine]( * @deprecated * * @param {node} mTr `dt-tag tr` element to get the `dt-tag td` of * @param {integer} iTd Column index to get the node of * @param {boolean} bVisOnly Consider visible columns only * @returns {node} `dt-tag td` element in question * * @example * $(document).ready(function() { * var table = $('#example').dataTable(); * * // Sort in the order that was origially in the HTML * var nTd = table.fnGetTd( $('#example tbody tr:eq(1)')[0], 1 ); * console.log( nTd ); * } ); */ jQuery.fn.dataTableExt.oApi.fnGetTd = function ( oSettings, mTr, iTd, bVisOnly ) { /* Take either a TR node or aoData index as the mTr property */ var iRow = (typeof mTr == 'object') ? oSettings.oApi._fnNodeToDataIndex(oSettings, mTr) : mTr; if ( typeof bVisOnly == 'undefined' && !bVisOnly ) { /* Looking at both visible and hidden TD elements - convert to visible index, if not present * then it must be hidden. Return as appropriate */ var iCalcVis = oSettings.oApi._fnColumnIndexToVisible( oSettings, iTd ); if ( iCalcVis !== null ) { return oSettings.aoData[ iRow ].nTr.getElementsByTagName('td')[ iCalcVis ]; } else { return oSettings.aoData[ iRow ]._anHidden[ iTd ]; } } else { /* Only looking at visible TD elements, so just use getElements... */ return oSettings.aoData[ iRow ].nTr.getElementsByTagName('td')[ iTd ]; } };