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Class: JS Webcam
Capture pictures or video with the webcam
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Make use of the webcam in the browser, using an optional fallback to use the camera of mobile devices or to upload pictures from disc.

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| Method | Description | |-------------|-----------------------------------------------------------| | element | Returns the actual video HTMLElement | | fallback | Fallback mechanism to select files. Use this when you want to take pics from a mobile device or upload pictures from disc | | isStarted | Checks whether the webcam is started | | isSupported | Checks whether or not the API is supported by the browser | | start | Enables the webcam, will ask the user to share his webcam | | stop | Stops the Webcam object | | takePicture | Take a still image of the webcam, returns a Blob | | uriToBlob | Takes in a dataUri and transforms it into a Blob | | useFallback | Sets if a fallback mechanism should be in place to select files. Set this to true when you want to take pics from a mobile device or upload pictures from dics |


var webcam = new Webcam('#video');
if (webcam.isSupported()) {
	webcam.start({video: true, audio: false}, function(stream) {
      // success function, video is streaming...
    }, function(e) {
      alert('Oops, something went wrong');

    // now take an picture using the webcam
    var pic = webcam.takePicture();

    // and assign it to an image
    document.querySelector('#img').src = pic;
else {
	alert('API is not supported by your browser');

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