File: gulpfile.js

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File: gulpfile.js
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: Vue js Starter Kit
Compile Vue template files using Gulp
Author: By
Last change: Update of gulpfile.js
Date: 2 years ago
Size: 1,411 bytes


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var gulp = require('gulp'); var fs = require('fs'); var browserify = require('browserify') var vueify = require('vueify'); var babelify = require('babelify'); var sass = require('gulp-sass'); var resourceSrc = './resource/assets/'; var output = './dist/assets/'; var dist_dir = ''; gulp.task('vue',function(){ browserify(resourceSrc+'js/main.js') .transform(vueify) .transform(babelify, { presets: ['es2015'], plugins: ["transform-runtime"] }) .bundle() .pipe(fs.createWriteStream(output+"/js/bundle.js")) }); var sassOptions = { errLogToConsole: true, outputStyle: 'expanded' }; // Sass Compile gulp.task('sass',function(cb){ gulp.src(resourceSrc+'sass/**/*.scss') .pipe(sass(sassOptions).on('error', sass.logError)) .pipe(concat('app.css')) .pipe(gulp.dest(output+'css/src')) cb(); }); /*Minify and sourcemap For css Compiled by sass*/ gulp.task('css:min',['sass'], function() { setTimeout( function(){ return gulp.src(output+'css/src/*.css') .pipe(sourcemaps.init()) .pipe(minifyCss({compatibility: 'ie8'})) .pipe(concat('app.css')) .pipe(sourcemaps.write('.')) .pipe(gulp.dest(output+'css/run')); },500 ); }); gulp.task('watch',function(){'./src/main.js', ['vue']);'sass/**/*.scss',['sass']); }); gulp.task('default', ['vue','sass'], function() {}); gulp.task('prod', ['vue','css:min'], function() {});