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Send files to users cloud storage accounts
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CloudJS is a simple jQuery plugin and gives a flexible way to share a file with end user which they can store into their DropBox, Google Drive etc.

Good Fit for:

  1. Personal Site
  2. Blog
  3. Magazine and Newspaper.
  4. Document Seller
  5. And any other services which related to file sharing.


  1. Add jQuery Library from local or any CDN site.
  2. Include jQuery.Cloud.js from dist folder
  3. Create a html block element `div` and add a custom data attribute `data-file-link` to hold the root path of your file e.g. images/wallpaper.jpg, doc/example.pdf
  4. Call Cloudjs, that's it!!
   <script src=""></script>
   <script src="dist/jQuery.Cloud.js"></script>
   		//$.Cloud - setting is optional if you defined inside plugin
		googleDrive : 'auto',
		dropBox : 'a1jy330vpyki64r'

   <div class="cloudjs" data-file-link="doc/example.pdf"></div>

Live Action:

<a href="" target="_blank">Live Demo</a>


A simple jQuery plugin, Let your visitor save a file into their DropBox, Google Drive etc.


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