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Calculate form input values based on formulas
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#jQuery Calx [![Baikal](]( [![Join the chat at](]( jQuery Calx is an Excel calculation engine and formula parser built as jQuery plugin, it offer spreadsheet ability to process and calculate the formula without bringing table-like spreadsheet interface. In the core of jQuery Calx is formula parser generated using [jison]( which parse and process the formula and set of formulas imported from [formula.js]( Creating calculation form in html never been easier and simpler than this: ```html <form id="calx_form"> <input data-cell="A1"> <input data-cell="A2"> <input data-cell="A3"> <input data-formula="SUM(A1:A3)"> <input data-formula="AVERAGE(A1:A3)"> <input data-formula="(A1+A2)*A3"> <input data-formula="(A1^2)+(A2^2)+(A3^2)"> </form> <script> $('#calx_form').calx(); </script> ``` If you don't want the formula make your html looks messy, you can move all formula and formatting rule into the js, and leave only `data-cell` attribute. ```html <form id="calx_form"> <input data-cell="A1"> <input data-cell="A2"> <input data-cell="A3"> <input data-cell="B1"> <input data-cell="B2"> <input data-cell="B3"> <input data-cell="B4"> </form> <script> $('#calx_form').calx({ data : { B1 : {format: '$ 0,0', formula: 'SUM(A1:A3)'}, B2 : {format: '0.00', formula: 'AVERAGE(A1:A3)'}, B3 : {formula: 'LOG(A1)*(A2/A3)'}, B4 : {formula: 'MAX(A1:A3)'} } }); </script> ``` You can even completely remove hidden cell that act as proxy or intermediate cell and move it to javascript section ```html <form id="calx_form"> <input data-cell="B4"> </form> <script> $('#calx_form').calx({ data : { B1 : {value: '100'}, B2 : {value: '200'}, B3 : {formula: 'B1+B2'}, B4 : {formula: 'B3^2'} } }); </script> ``` # Installation You can install jQuery Calx by downloading the latest version from this repository, or install it using bower ``` bower install jquery-calx ``` or ``` bower install xsanisty/jquery-calx ``` and load the required script into your html page ```html <!-- the only required dependency --> <script src="jquery.min.js"></script> <!-- required for number formatting only --> <script src="numeral.min.js"></script> <!-- the jquery calx lib --> <script src="jquery-calx-2.2.7.min.js"></script> ``` For detailed documentation, []( For jQuery Calx 1.x please visit [](