File: src/packages/common/components/chat/constants/default.js

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File: src/packages/common/components/chat/constants/default.js
Role: Example script
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Description: Example script
Class: Seed Sails Angular
Full stack framework based on Sails, Node, Angular
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import commonModule from '../../../commonModule'; import Constant from '../../../components/core/Constant'; var chatConstants = { IM_BOSH_SERVICE: 'http://localhost/xmpp-httpbind/', IM_LOG_LINES: 300, IM_LOG_LEVEL: 1, //0=debug, 1=info, 2=warn, 3=error, 4=fatal IM_NAME: 'ChatXMPP', IM_VERSION: 1, SESSION_STORE_DATA: 'chat_xid_data' } const appChatConstant = new Constant(chatConstants); commonModule.constant('$chatConstants', appChatConstant); export default commonModule;