File: src/packages/core/security/securityModule.js

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File: src/packages/core/security/securityModule.js
Role: Example script
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Description: Example script
Class: Seed Sails Angular
Full stack framework based on Sails, Node, Angular
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import angular from 'angular'; //Import angular translate (i18n for your Angular app) import 'angular-translate'; import 'angular-translate-loader-static'; import 'angular-cookies'; import 'ng-file-upload'; //Import all module templates import * as Templates from './templates'; //Import config module class import SecurityConfig from './config/security-config'; //Import common module //import {commonModule} from '../../common/common'; import {commonModule} from 'commons'; /** * Security module */ let securityModule = angular.module('', [ 'ngFileUpload', 'pascalprecht.translate', 'ngCookies', //Templates,,,,,,,,,,,, ]).config(($stateProvider, $httpProvider, $translateProvider) => { //Init module routes new SecurityConfig($stateProvider, Templates).initModuleRoutes(); //------------- $translateProvider i18n config --------------- $translateProvider.useLoader('i18nLoader', { module: 'core/security' }); //$translateProvider.useStaticFilesLoader({ // prefix: 'app/packages/core/security/web/locales/locale-', // suffix: '.json' //}); //------------------------------------------------------- // Set the httpProvider "not authorized" interceptor $httpProvider.interceptors.push(['$q', '$location', '$injector', 'localStorageService', function ($q, $location, $injector, localStorageService) { return { responseError: function (rejection) { console.log("rejection", rejection); switch (rejection.status) { case 401: // Deauthenticate the global user //AuthenticationService.user = null; localStorageService.remove('JWT'); // Redirect to signin page $location.path('signin'); break; case 403: // Add unauthorized behaviour $injector.get('$state').transitionTo('forbidden'); break; } return $q.reject(rejection); } }; } ]); }); => { }); export default securityModule;