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Internationalization / Localization Settings

> Also see the official docs on internationalization/localization: >


All locale files live under config/locales. Here is where you can add translations as JSON key-value pairs. The name of the file should match the language that you are supporting, which allows for automatic language detection based on request headers.

Here is an example locale stringfile for the Spanish language (config/locales/es.json):

    "Hello!": "Hola!",
    "Hello %s, how are you today?": "┬┐Hola %s, como estas?",


Locales can be accessed in controllers/policies through res.i18n(), or in views through the __(key) or i18n(key) functions. Remember that the keys are case sensitive and require exact key matches, e.g.

<h1> <%= __('Welcome to PencilPals!') %> </h1>
<h2> <%= i18n('Hello %s, how are you today?', 'Pencil Maven') %> </h2>
<p> <%= i18n('That\'s right-- you can use either i18n() or __()') %> </p>


Localization/internationalization config can be found in config/i18n.js, from where you can set your supported locales.