File: src/routes.json

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File: src/routes.json
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Seed Sails Angular
Full stack framework based on Sails, Node, Angular
Author: By
Last change: Update of src/routes.json
Date: 2 years ago
Size: 1,418 bytes


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[ { "stateName": "home", "urlPrefix": "/", "type": "load", "src": "packages/core/system" }, { "stateName": "components", "urlPrefix": "/components", "type": "load", "src": "packages/core/system" }, { "stateName": "admin", "urlPrefix": "/admin", "type": "load", "src": "packages/core/system" }, { "stateName": "authentication", "urlPrefix": "/", "type": "load", "src": "packages/core/security" }, { "stateName": "user", "urlPrefix": "/users/:userId", "type": "load", "src": "packages/core/security" }, { "stateName": "settings", "urlPrefix": "/settings", "type": "load", "src": "packages/core/security" }, { "stateName": "blog", "urlPrefix": "/blog", "type": "load", "src": "packages/blog" }, { "stateName": "article", "urlPrefix": "/articles/:userId", "type": "load", "src": "packages/blog" }, { "stateName": "article-list", "urlPrefix": "/articles", "type": "load", "src": "packages/blog" }, { "stateName": "blog-state", "urlPrefix": "/blog", "type": "load", "src": "packages/blog" }, { "stateName": "chat", "urlPrefix": "/chat", "type": "load", "src": "packages/chat" }, { "stateName": "password", "urlPrefix": "/password", "type": "load", "src": "packages/core/security" } ]