File: app.js

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File: app.js
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: Seed Sails Angular
Full stack framework based on Sails, Node, Angular
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Date: 2 years ago
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/** * app.js * * Use `app.js` to run your app without `sails lift`. * To start the server, run: `node app.js`. * * This is handy in situations where the sails CLI is not relevant or useful. * * For example: * => `node app.js` * => `forever start app.js` * => `node debug app.js` * => `modulus deploy` * => `heroku scale` * * * The same command-line arguments are supported, e.g.: * `node app.js --silent --port=80 --prod` */ // Ensure we're in the project directory, so relative paths work as expected // no matter where we actually lift from. process.chdir(__dirname); // Ensure a "sails" can be located: (function() { var sails; try { sails = require('sails'); } catch (e) { console.error('To run an app using `node app.js`, you usually need to have a version of `sails` installed in the same directory as your app.'); console.error('To do that, run `npm install sails`'); console.error(''); console.error('Alternatively, if you have sails installed globally (i.e. you did `npm install -g sails`), you can use `sails lift`.'); console.error('When you run `sails lift`, your app will still use a local `./node_modules/sails` dependency if it exists,'); console.error('but if it doesn\'t, the app will run with the global sails instead!'); return; } // Try to get `rc` dependency var rc; try { rc = require('rc'); } catch (e0) { try { rc = require('sails/node_modules/rc'); } catch (e1) { console.error('Could not find dependency: `rc`.'); console.error('Your `.sailsrc` file(s) will be ignored.'); console.error('To resolve this, run:'); console.error('npm install rc --save'); rc = function () { return {}; }; } } // Start server sails.lift(rc('sails')); })();