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The JSClasses site now provides a feature that lets authors post featured articles about their JavaScript objects which can become featured in the JSClasses site main blog.

This way those JavaScript objects can become more popular by getting more exposure and feedback about their work.

This is a brief article that explains how this feature works.

Loaded Article

The JSClasses site shares the same code base of the PHPClasses site. Therefore, most new features launched in the PHPClasses site also become available in the JSClasses site.

Recently a new feature was launched in both the PHPClasses and JSClasses sites. This new feature allows authors of JavaScript objects to post articles on the blogs of their own packages and then such articles also become featured on the main JSClasses site blog.

This means that if you write interesting articles about how to use your JavaScript objects for some generally useful purpose, you may get additional exposure. That will eventually attract more users to your packages. Consequently your packages may raise in the ranking of popular packages of the site and you may also raise in the ranking of popular authors.

The site will notify all users of the site that get e-mail alert messages when a new article is posted in the JSClasses site main blog. Currently it means that about 4,000 users are notified to come and read your articles, and that number grows every day.

The JSClasses blog is also syndicated by other sites like the Planet JavaScript. So, if you write an interesting article in the blog of any of your JavaScript packages and the article becomes featured, you will get additional exposure in the JavaScript developers community even outside the JSClasses site.

For instance, one article that just became featured and got additional exposure in the JSClasses site blog and abroad was this one about Loading Page Content Faster.

If you already submitted your own JavaScript objects to the JSClasses site, consider writing nice articles about them in their own blogs in this site. Mark the articles as featured so you can get greater exposure. If you did not yet submit any JavaScript objects to the site, consider doing it now.

For more information on how this feature works, read the original article about the launch of the featured blog posts feature in the PHPClasses site.

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