Doing JavaScript Background Tasks using Service Workers - Lately in JavaScript podcast episode 62

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Service Workers are Worker tasks that can run in the background even after the the browser tab that started them was closed.

The availability of Service Workers in Chrome was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 62 of the Lately in JavaScript podcast.

They also talked about the state of the Internet of the Things JavaScript support in 2015, the results of a JavaScript Developer survey, top must see JavaScript developer tools, Facebook ditching Flash for HTML 5 to play videos, and a light saber game that uses your mobile phone as controller.

Now the summary of the podcast transcript is available.

Listen to the podcast now, or watch the hangout video, or read the summary transcript to learn more about these and other interesting JavaScript topics discussed in this podcast.

Loaded Article


Introduction (00:20)

Summary Transcript (0:45)

JavaScript Beyond the Web in 2015 (3:42)

JavaScript Developer Survey Results (10:43)

Must See JavaScript Dev Tools That Put Other Dev Tools to Shame (21:58)

Facebook Officially Replaces Adobe Flash With HTML5 For Videos (24:55)

ServiceWorker: Revolution of the Web Platform (25:28)

Light Saber with Google (33:38)

JavaScript Innovation Award Nominees of September 2015 (45:25) 

JavaScript Innovation Award Ranking of 2015 (48:33)

Conclusion (50:32)


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Summary Transcript

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Show notes

Summary Transcript

The first thing that we are going to talk about an article that is entitled JavaScript Beyond the Web in 2015 but in reality is about the Internet of Things, different types of devices that are being used and JavaScript libraries that integrate with them.

Then there is a JavaScript Developer Survey results which is very interesting, shows several types of aspects about the usage of the JavaScript language by the developers.

Then there is an article titled Must See JavaScript Tools that Put Other Dev Tools to Shame. Basically is a selection of Dev Tools that many of us use. Well I don't use all of them but many of them, so take a look at them.

Then there is an article about just an announcement that Facebook is now using HTML 5 for videos only, no more Flash.

And then there is the a couple of articles, actually I found once more about Service Worker, which is a new feature at least available in Chrome, maybe in other browsers, that allow you to run some tasks in the background even when you don't have the page that started those tasks opened.

Finally one funny thing that is a light saber application, game actually that you can play. You can use your mobile phone as your light saber and it controls a light saber on your computer screen so you can defeat the empire troopers, I think that is the name.

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