How to Control WordPress from JavaScript - Lately in JavaScript podcast episode 70

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Kasia is a library that can control a WordPress installation using its API from JavaScript. This library was one the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 70 of the Lately in JavaScript podcast.

They also talked about the differences between for and forEach, exploring Mithril for building Web interfaces, loading CSS dynamically in Web pages, rendering text fonts in JavaScrip natively, obfuscating DOM elements, using neural networks using DN2A, animated tooltips using GIFs, massive parallel programming in JavaScript using a GPU, and handling offline content with service workers.

This article contains a transcript of the summary of the podcast.

Listen to the podcast now, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript text to learn more about these and other interesting JavaScript topics discussed in this podcast.

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Introduction (00:20)

Podcast Summary (1:34)

The for Loop vs. forEach in JavaScript (5:35)

Exploring Mithril, A JavaScript Framework for Building Brilliant Applications (9:19)

Kasia: A React Redux Toolset for the WordPress API code (12:25)

Should we load CSS in our JavaScript? (14:15)

Typr.js: Process Fonts in JavaScript code (18:14)

Baffle: Obfuscating Text in DOM Elements (20:52)

DN2A JavaScript: Digital Neural Networks Architecture with JS (22:32)

ToolGif: Animated Tool Tips (31:05)

WebMonkeys: Massively Parallel GPU Programming from JS (33:34)

Offline Content with Service Workers (36:05)

JavaScript Innovation Award Nominees of  May 2016 (37:54) 

Conclusion (49:27)


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Summary of the podcast

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Show notes

Summary of the podcast

This month we are going to start talking with an article that compares the for and foreach command in JavaScript. This is interesting because there are a few differences that even I did not know.

Next we will be talking about Mithril. So Mithrill is what... shall we call it framework or library for building JavaScript applications. Brilliant applications.

So the next article is about a library named kasia which is a library to access WordPress API I suppose this is for all types of WordPress installations.

Next we are going to talk about a discussion regarding whether should we load CSS in our JavaScript or maybe just set it the dynamically, I don't now.

The next topic is about a library named Typr.js which is capable of parsing fonts and TrueType fonts, OpenType fonts and render them in I think in a canvas, JavaScript canvas I think. Then we have a library named baffle that I thought it was actually more sophisticated but maybe it's not. It's for obfuscating text in DOM elements.

Then there's a library named DN2A which is digital neural networks architecture which is a library for it could be I think for machine learning like training a neural network to determine if certain input data is recognized as a certain entity.

The next topic is about the library name ToolGif which can show animated GIFs as tooltips. The next topic is about WebMonkeys which is a library for using the GPU to perform many parallel tasks that are using your graphics board.

And finally there will be an article about using service workers to present content offline.

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